A small gray lop and a black & whtie bunny looking inquisitive


Don't go any further until you've read through our adoption policy!


There, you'll understand our philosophy about rabbit adoptions, and if you're new to rabbits, you'll learn quite a bit about what life with rabbits is like.

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Caring for rabbits requires no less responsibility than owning a dog or cat. Rabbits are not starter pets -- they are forever pets -- and a serious time and financial commitment.​

But with that responsibility and commitment also comes the joy of spending time with these gentle, curious, and loving friends. That is why we do the work that we do here at RMHRR, and why we want to ensure all of our rabbits go to the best possible homes.

Before you complete the application below, please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the RHDV2 epidemic among rabbits, we have made some changes to our adoption process:

  • If you have a single rabbit needing a mate, your rabbit must be vaccinated against RHDV2 a minimum of one week before coming to be paired.

  • We will not be delivering the rabbits to your home. You will be required to come  pick them up. We ask that you pick up pairs and singles being bonded to a new mate within a week of choosing them.

Unsure of a question on the form? Reach out to one of our rabbit experts and we can help you!

NOTE: You will need to fill out this form in one sitting. We cannot save your progress at this time.


Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have written permission to have rabbits in your home?
What is your rabbit's sex?
Spayed / Neutered?
Is your rabbit vaccinated against RHDV2?
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Are there any smokers in your home?
Are all of the adults in the family in agreement about this rabbit adoption?
If you have children, do you understand and agree that children, even teenagers, lack the maturity to take full responsibility for the well-being of a living animal, and you will be primarily responsible for feeding, cleaning, grooming, and giving physical affection to the rabbits, for their entire lives, even if the children lose interest in the rabbits or leave home?
Do you have other animals?
Do you know for certain no one in your home is allergic to rabbits or hay (the primary item in their diet)? Please have everyone in the family spend enough time with rabbits to verify this (you may come to our foster facilities for this purpose, if you wish), or have everyone tested by an allergist before adopting.
Do you have the financial ability (and stability) to cover veterinary costs which could occur at any time and are all of the adults in the family willing to pay for veterinary care for illnesses or injuries and for annual check-ups? Vet care can be quite expensive ($100.00 to $1,000.00 for a single episode of illness), and you need to be financially secure enough to handle unexpected visits.
Are you willing to limit the number of animals you have so you could always afford vet care for the rabbits, should they need it?
Are you committed to keeping the rabbits, solving any problems that come up, moving only where the rabbits are allowed, etc., for as long as they live (usually 10 to 13 years, but possibly as much as 16 years)?
Do you have a crock for water? (Rabbits don’t fully hydrate with just a bottle.) If you don’t have one, we carry heavy crocks and “Smart Crocks” that can’t be tipped over.
Do you have something to hold hay that is at least 6'' by 6'' by 6'' (inches)? Rabbits devour hay quickly and must never run out of it!
Is there a shelf or a box or stool the rabbits can jump up on, at least 15” high? (Ramps are inappropriate for rabbits, because rabbits don’t have pads on their feet, they have hair, and they slip on ramps unless there are pieces across it for their nails to grab. And ramps don’t provide exercise, whereas shelves do.)
Is the litter box large enough for two rabbits to snuggle in? (Rabbits love to snuggle together in their litter box.)
Do you expect to use this crate or pen for both rabbits? (if free roam, say yes)

Please upload an image of the area they will be occupying. *

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