A brown bunny with one ear up

Becoming a member is a great way to support RMHRR while earning great benefits! We offer both annual and monthly memberships.

With your annual membership fee, you'll get 10% off all items at our Bunny Burrow gift shop -- and you'll also get the love and adoration of all our appreciative shelter rabbits!

We can also accept checks! Please send us a check along with your contact information and desired membership type so we can reach out to you about your membership.

Send checks to:

Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue
P, O. Box 1434
Broomfield, CO 80038

Your bank can also set up recurring no-fee donations to us.


Send an email to treasurer@rmhrr.org with your phone number, and our Treasurer will give you the information so you can have your bank make automatic withdrawals come to us monthly as donations.