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Cow is my rabbit who I took from a friend when she was unable to meet his needs. It was a difficult situation but it was necessary I took him. Cow is an adult male, his exact age is unknown. While he spends a lot of his time on his own, he is not hostile or unfriendly. He will let me pet him if I am gentle and slow, and he loves playing with my cat. I’ve come to find that he is very smart. I have him potty trained to go on disposable puppy training pads that I put at the top of his hutch, and when I go to change them, he patiently waits for me at the bottom of his hutch. He is very spunky, despite his older age. He loves to binky and he loves to chew things just to get my attention (even if he has to disobey to do so).

He is a sweet little guy. I don’t know his past before I got him, but I am unable to care for him. I have had him in my apartment for some time which has been difficult, and as I am moving out of state to the desert, I don’t want to put him through a road trip with severe temperatures.

On top of that, it would be great if he ended up in a home with other bunnies and/or human friends to love on him.

I am unaware of his vaccination status and spay/neuter status (as in I don’t know what has been done in the past)

Cow is currently on a diet of Timothy hay, pellet mix, and vegetables. He eats 1-2 cups of Kaytee Fiesta Rabbit Food every day, as well as romaine or bell peppers when get them to him. As mentioned before, he goes potty on the potty pads, so he isn’t litter box trained but I would assume he would pick up on it easy. He has accidents here and there but that’s what wood floors are for.

Please be aware: Cow is a big boy. I am unaware of his exact weight and measurements, but he’s about as big as my cat. He is around 10-12 lbs if I had to guess.

There will be a $30 rehoming fee needed from whoever adopts him. This is to ensure he isn’t put in a bad situation. I need to be assured that he will be taken care of.

Please email me for inquires. If you call it may take longer for a response from me. Thanks so much.

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