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Rex/? about 7.5lbs, not a small rabbit


1.5 yrs


Houdini is fully litterbox trained and a very tidy pooper! He is such a sweetie and loves pets and is a great house rabbit. He can be a bit timid at first and appriciates a calm atmosphere (I dont think he would enjoy living with very young children, he does not like to be picked up at all. Older kids that can respect his boundries will be great). We also have a dog who doesnt mess with the rabbits, so he will be ok with a non prey-driven dog.

He is a hungry boy! He gets fresh greens twice daily, loves his pellets, and hay, and is overall a great eater. Never had any GI issues. He loves cardboard boxed to chew and push around and play in.

Houdini is very smart. He will need to be kept in a properly secured, bunny-proofed area to avoid causing trouble. I recomend an x-pen (can provide more housing ideas if needed. Rabbits can't live in pet cages). We do let him out for free roam time and he does great, but needs to be supervised becase this clever boy will figure out how to get where you dont want him as soon as you turn around. And you won't know how he did it! Hence the name Houdini.

He really just wants someone to love on and be his buddy. I think he would do well with bunny dating if you wanted to try and find a bunny partner. But I also belive he will be really happy with just a person if he is their companion. He is the perfect lap rabbit. And he is soooooo soft.

I now have to work crazy hourrs to keep us afloat so he hasn't gotten the love and attention he deserves. And when we move next month he will have way less space to live in. So it breaks my heart but he will be happier in a more stable situation.

Health Issues:

None. Very healthy at last vet check.



RHDV2 Vaccination: