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Longmont CO

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Satin/Rex, about 7.5lbs


2 years


Raya is a sweet feisty lady looking for her forever home. She is fully littler box trained. She is a very tidy pooper (meaning most of my past rabbits will leave little poops here and there but Raya keeps it in her litter box). She is very intelligent, likes to find hidden treats and play with toys. She needs a fully bunny proofed area to live in because she will chew on anything and try to escape. She loves to chew on cardboard and shred old cotton sheets. Cardboard box forts are her favorite! Its important to note that this is not a small bunny! She is a large breed and fully grown at 7.5 lbs, definitely not a dwarf breed.

She loves parsley, salad mix, carrots, and other fresh veggies. She comes when called with a kissy sound.

Raya is not timid. She will thump or nip or paw at you if she is afraid. It will take a bit of patience to earn her trust, but she really is just looking for someone to love her. She loves to be pet and is SO SOFT. like unimaginably plush and silky. Due to our unfortunate circumstances this year we have not had the time she deserves and we had to move to a much smaller space. She is used to dogs and would do well with other pets (as long as those pets don't have a prey drive obvi).

Raya comes with pellets, several months supply of hay, water bowls, litter boxes, chew toys, all the things you need. Asking a rehoming fee of $200. This mostly covers the cost of her spay, and also ensures she is going to a family that is prepared to properly care for her. We love her dearly and will find a good fit for her. If you are interested please respond with what type of enclosure you plan to keep her in. Again, if you want to be taken seriously, please mention your plans for housing her. Thank you.

Health Issues:

No known health issues. Never had GI stasis. Very healthy at last checkup.



RHDV2 Vaccination: