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A white and gray lop posing dramatically


Please read all of the information on this page thoroughly before submitting an application.


Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue only adopts rabbits out in pairs. If you currently have a rabbit, our single bunnies are available as potential friends for your rabbit.

Rabbits are extremely social animals and become lonely and bored without a friend.

Two snuggly bunnies, one black and one gray

There are rare circumstances in which a rabbit decides they don’t want to live with a friend, but in these cases, we place them in a home where other rabbits are present. Two rabbits are just as easy to care for as one.


Human companionship cannot completely replace the benefits a same-species friend can provide, and when you are away, two rabbits can provide companionship for one another.


Two snuggling brown rabbits, one with brown spots and a black nose

Our single rabbits are only available to bond with your current rabbit.


(Note – we cannot create custom pairs for pair adopters).

As stated above, rabbits are much happier with a friend – and your heart will melt when you see them snuggling together!

To bond your rabbit with one of ours, your rabbit MUST have been spayed/neutered for at least a month before the bonding appointment and be vaccinated for RHDV-2 at least a week before their bonding appointment.


The vaccination must be current (it's an annual vaccination), and you will be required to provide the vaccination certificate to us. Since we have a very busy bonding schedule, please do not submit an application until your bunny has been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Thank you for your cooperation!


Completing our adoption application does not guarantee adoption approval. You will not receive final approval for adoption until you attend your adoption appointment and complete all of our pre-adoption procedures.


Due to COVID-19, we will not conduct in-person home visits, but we will require detailed photos of your new bunny habitat. Our bunnies have been homeless once, and it is our primary goal to find their forever home.


Once you submit your adoption application, one of our adoption experts will review it and work with you to get you pre-approved for adoption. Once you are pre-approved, you will set an appointment with an adoption counselor to meet some of our adoptable bunnies! Our adoption counselor will work with you to find the best match.

Two curious brown lionheads

If bonding your bunny, your current bunny will go on one or more "speed dates" at the shelter to find the best potential match. The longer bonding process will happen in the home of one of our expert bonders, typically taking approximately one week.


On occasion, a potential partner that initially appeared to be a good match may not work out after all, and another attempt will be made at that time or a later date with a different shelter rabbit. The safety and welfare of both rabbits is always our top priority!


The adoption fee to adopt a pair is $200. The adoption fee to adopt a single friend for your current bunny is also $200 -- $150 for the bunny and $50 for the bonding service.

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter and current RHDV-2 vaccination of the Shelter Bunny, as well as a 1-year membership to Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue and a 1-year membership to the National House Rabbit Society. Adopters also have access to our network of bunny experts for any questions that may arise.


A big white rabbit eating hay

We require all new adopters to take our FREE Bunny Tune-Up class.


You'll be asked to bring your bunny pair along with you in order to practice tune-up skills with the teacher right there to help.


You will learn a number of important bunny care essentials, including how to properly handle your bunny, how to properly groom your bunny, and how to recognize and respond to a bunny in GI stasis (the most common bunny health problem – it’s an emergency).


  • We adopt to indoor homes ONLY. No unsupervised time outdoors and no overnight stays outdoors. For information on the dangers of housing a rabbit outdoors, please visit

  • The primary adopter must be 21 years of age or older.

  • The primary caregiver MUST be an adult. Children/teens cannot be expected to be primary caregivers (but they can certainly help!)

  • We do not adopt our rabbits as pets primarily for children/teens. We DO adopt out rabbits as family pets, and require that they are housed in a shared family space where the adult caregiver can keep a twice-daily eye on them.

  • We do not adopt out rabbits as gifts, classroom pets, or any “community-type” settings (such as nursing homes).

  • You must be willing to provide a home for the rabbit(s) for their entire lifespan (typically 8-12 years, but can be as long as 15 years). Please keep in mind:

    • Young children will lose interest very quickly (hence why we only adopt rabbits out as pets for the entire family).

    • Your children may leave for college while the rabbits are still alive, so again they must primarily be a pet for the entire family.

    • Are you willing to keep them if your life circumstances change? For instance: moving, new baby, new job, divorce, etc. If not, then rabbits may not be for you.

  • Adopters must be able to provide at least 3 hours of out-of-cage time per day.

  • Rabbits will not be placed in homes with unaltered rabbits UNLESS there is a valid veterinary reason (will require documentation from your veterinarian). We cannot bond any of our rabbits with an unaltered rabbit.

  • Homes with dogs, cats, and other predatory pets will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Rabbit respiratory systems are very delicate, and therefore we cannot adopt to homes with smokers.

  • Renters must have landlord approval.

  • You must be willing to fulfill our housing and care requirements. Small commercial cages and hutches will NOT be approved. We DO accept multi-tiered wooden hutches if they are open at all times and part of the “home base” for 24/7 free-roaming bunnies. We recommend at minimum an extra-large dog crate if enclosing is necessary. Puppy exercise pens are preferred, and free roaming with a home base area is ideal.

  • If for any reason you are unable to keep your adopted rabbits, they MUST be returned to Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue without exception.


You can access our adoption applications by clicking one of the links below. Please select either our pair application or our friend application.


By following the links below, you're verifying that you have read the required articles and are ready to proceed to our adoption application.


Thank you for your patience. Your thorough reading ensures we'll be happy in our new fur-ever home.

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