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Two brown bunnies looking very proper


Interested in learning about rabbit care and handling? This is the class for you!


Anyone who is interested in taking the Bunny Tune-Up Class offered by the Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue may do so.


The class is for people 12 years old and up -- whether you are a bun parent or an aspiring rabbit owner -- who want to learn or get a refresher on what taking care of rabbits is really like.

We also ask that you read some of the articles linked on our Bunnies For Beginners page.

The class is two hours long with a short break. Among the many things taught in this class are:

  • handling your rabbit so you are both comfortable and safe

  • grooming the coat for care and pleasure of both you and your rabbit

  • checking eyes, ears, chin, and teeth so potential problems can be caught early and corrected quickly

  • keeping the hocks healthy and preventing hock sores

  • clipping nails

  • cleaning the genital pockets

Our Bunny Tune-Up Classes are currently held online (via Zoom) and are also held in-person at our shelter. Please register below for the class you are interested in.


You will receive an email confirmation confirming your registration for the class.

Please visit the Tune-Up Supplies page to confirm you have all the listed items available for class.

Note: supplies will be provided for you during in-person sessions.


Reach out to us at We'd be happy to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

No upcoming events at the moment


RMHRR hosts these classes as a free service. If you find them helpful, please consider donating to help us continue to advocate for bunnies everywhere!

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