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Two fuzzy lop-eared bunnies looking cute


If you're looking to learn about adopting rabbits from the Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue, you're in the right place!

Here we'll outline the benefits of adopting from us as well as present our adoption requirements and procedures.


We'll also show you rabbits that need private rehoming. These are not Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue rabbits and do not go through our typical adoption process, but we are helping increase their visibility.

If you're brand new to rabbits, we recommend reading our Bunnies for Beginners content first.


Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue adheres to all federal, state, and local recommendations for COVID-19 safety. If you are feeling unwell at the time of your appointment, please email your adoption counselor to reschedule.



This process has two steps. We are asking you to read through our adoption requirements & procedures articles and then fill out our adoption application.


This will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.


Please come prepared with a picture of your 'rabbitat' -- where your rabbits will live -- as well as a copy of your current rabbit's RHDV-2 vaccination if you're hoping to adopt a friend.

If you are ready to begin, please click the button below.



These rabbits are being rehomed privately and are being posted as a courtesy by RMHRR.

When rehoming a rabbit, you will deal directly with the rabbits' current owner, and we advise all owners to require a rehoming fee.

If you are ready to begin, please click the button below.


  • We help you determine whether rabbits are a good choice for your situation and help you avoid mistakes when bringing rabbits into your home.

  • We teach you how to care for your rabbits, how to identify symptoms requiring veterinary care before they become serious, and put you in contact with a good rabbit veterinarian in your area. This is important because most veterinarians are not able to treat rabbits – rabbits are considered “exotics” from a medical point of view.

  • We are committed to helping you solve any problem which comes up as long as you have your rabbits.

  • If you are adopting a bond mate for a rabbit you already have, we guarantee a successful pairing, even if we have to start the process from scratch a second time (which is rare).

  • We offer a “health line” service to our adopters in case you have an emergency when your vet isn’t available, or to help you determine if you need to see a vet.

  • We have a greater variety of rabbits to choose from than you will find almost anywhere in the state.

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