Two snuggling fuzzy lionheads


As a nonprofit organization, your donation provides medical treatment and supplies for the rabbits in our care.​


We also work to help educate the public on this often misunderstood pet -- one of the most abandoned pets in the country.

Thank you for supporting our mission -- we couldn't do this without you!

Please consider making a recurring monthly donation through PayPal. We can also accept one-time donations with your credit card.


Please consider adding a few extra dollars to cover the processing fee!

We handle all donations through ColoradoGives.

You'll have the option to give once or on a recurring basis. You'll also have the option of covering the donation fee!


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Any donor who gives $5 or more a month is one of our champions!


You can meaningfully support our work for the price of a cup of coffee each month.

We love our champions!


Vinny the rabbit

Any donor who gives $40 a month completely sponsors a bunny in our shelter!


Learn more about how sponsors are vital to the well-being of our buns.


Taffeta and Teuvo the rabbits.

Any donor who gives $80 a month is one of our SUPER SPONSORS!


These donors completely support a pair of fuzzy friends in our shelter. 

Learn more about sponsoring here!

Your support means the world to rabbits like me. Thank you!


The Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues domestic rabbits and finds homes for them as house rabbits. All expenses are paid for with fundraising and donations.

For just $1.32/day you can give a rabbit comfort and health while awaiting a forever home.

Every rabbit is given nutritious pellets, daily fresh vegetables, unlimited quality hay, bunny safe litter, frequently cleaned living spaces and special treats. That is $40 a month ($1.32 a day) per rabbit.


We appreciate all of our recurring donors. This consistent support means we're better able to provide for our rabbits.

But if you're considering a larger donation, for $40 a month, why not sponsor a bunny? You'll get all the bun-efits of supporting our rescue while completely providing for one of our shelter bunnies!

Click here to learn more about Sponsoring a Bunny!

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We can also accept checks.

Send checks to:

Colorado House Rabbit Society
P, O. Box 1434
Broomfield, CO 80038

Your bank can also set up monthly, no-fee donations to us.


Send an email to with your phone number, and our Treasurer will give you the information so you can have your bank make automatic withdrawals come to us monthly as donations.