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Two really fuzzy lop-eared bunnies!


RMHRR highly recommends vaccinating your pet rabbits for RHDV.


Since the virus is new to the U.S., veterinarians who wish to offer the vaccine must go through a complicated import process. Thus, the vaccine is not available at all vets. The vaccine is currently available at the following locations:

Broomfield Veterinary Hospital

Greenwood Village Veterinary Clinic


The vaccine must be administered annually. 

In addition, rabbit owners should practice good biosecurity, especially if your rabbits are not vaccinated. These practices include not wearing shoes in the house, housing rabbits indoors (which we recommend anyway for many reasons), not allowing outdoor playtime, washing hands before and after handling rabbits, not feeding foraged foods, and quarantining any new pet rabbits among other precautions.


Visit for a full list of biosecurity recommendations.

Symptoms may include:


  •    Loss of appetite

  •    Lethargy

  •    High fever

  •    Seizures

  •    Jaundice

  •    Bleeding from nose, mouth, or rectum

  •    Difficulty breathing

  •    Sudden death

RHDV is often a very swift and sudden killer, giving little warning. Rabbits may die without showing any symptoms at all. Any sudden rabbit death is suspicious and should be reported to your veterinarian as a possible case of RHDV.

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