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A lovely group of volunteers posing with bunnies in the sunshine


On this page, you can see our most needed volunteer positions.

If you are interested in applying for them -- or just want to volunteer in general -- we'll direct you to our application form below.

Unsure of our volunteer requirements?

Want to learn about the bun-efits of volunteering?


Learn more here.

When you're ready, follow the link below to access the volunteer application. Our rabbits are looking forward to meeting you!


Pen Cleaners (URGENT NEED)

Want to make a bunny’s day? Pen Cleaners provide clean, healthy habitats (and a new toy) for our sheltered rabbits. They volunteer once per month, for 2-3 hours, on a regularly assigned weekend (e.g., the third weekend of every month). Shifts may be completed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so this is a position that allows for a lot of flexibility – and a lot of bunny time! 

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