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Four bunnies on a deck


Why are you rehoming your rabbit?


We can offer advice for behavioral and allergy issues!

If you are considering rehoming your rabbit due to behavioral issues, we would be happy to help you work through these issues before you make the final decision to rehome your bunny. Many issues such as spraying and aggression can be solved with something as simple as having your rabbit spayed/neutered. We have seen and provided solutions for many different situations over the years!


For advice on behavioral issues, please fill out this form and we will be happy to help.

Allergies are another common cause for rehoming rabbits. Are you allergic to the rabbit or the hay? Oftentimes hay allergies can be managed by using a different type of hay. We have plenty of suggestions for managing allergies. In fact, many of our volunteers and adopters have allergies!


Please email to ask for advice on managing allergies.


Generally, we do not accept private owner surrenders. We must keep space open for strays and incoming rabbits from other shelters. If you have a major issue out of your control and you must rehome your bunny, we offer the following suggestions:

If your rabbits are spayed/neutered, you can post them on specialty rehoming websites such as:


When rehoming your bunny, we strongly recommend asking for a rehoming fee of at least $25 to ensure your pet does not become snake food or dog bait. Unfortunately, this does happen.


Please contact us if you would like a list of questions to use to vet a potential adopter by following this link.

While we cannot accept private owner surrenders, we can make a courtesy posting on our website. You will deal directly with the adopters, but your pet will be advertised on our website as a bunny needing a home.


Please let us know if your rabbit has been adopted so we can remove the posting – all postings will automatically be removed after one month. Please fill out the form on this page to list your bunny on our website.

If you are in an emergency situation and cannot wait for someone else to adopt your pet, you can surrender your pet to a local shelter.


How many rabbits need a new home?
Vaccinated against RHDV2?
Spayed / Neutered?

Please provide a good photo of your rabbit(s). We will use this in our listing.*

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