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The Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue is a no-kill, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues domestic rabbits and finds homes for them as house rabbits. All expenses are paid for with fundraising and donations.

For just $1.50/day you can give a rabbit comfort and health while awaiting a forever home.

Every rabbit is given nutritious pellets, daily fresh vegetables, unlimited quality hay, bunny safe litter, frequently cleaned living spaces and special treats. That is $45 a month ($1.50 a day) per rabbit.

Our bunny sponsors are some of the most valuable contributors to our mission. By setting up a recurring, monthly donation, you're providing a reliable, consistent source of funds for some of the most vulnerable house rabbits in Colorado.

Through Zelle or ColoradoGives, you can set up a recurring monthly donation of at least $45 a month to sponsor one of our loving house rabbits.

Learn how to donate here.


Your donation directly helps them - from providing urgent medical care to healthy food and critical supplies.

A white bunny in its cage looking at you
A gray bunny talking to you

Your support means the world to rabbits like me. Thank you!


There are MANY benefits to sponsoring beyond the warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get after supporting our bunnies.

As a sponsor, you'll receive:

An invitation to choose the rabbit you'd like to sponsor (take a look at the rabbits we're currently hosting)

Your name or company featured on our website

A thank you card from the bunny you're sponsoring

The love of all our shelter bunnies

What are you waiting for? Sponsor a bunny now!

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