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Aaron came to the RMHRR from Centennial, Colorado. He has been through many names including "Adele and "Onyx. Aaron's previous owner gave Aaron a glowing review: 

Aaron is a big, beautiful bunny with silky silver-black fur, a huge personality, and sweet heart to match. He won't be winning any foot races for a while, but he's got enough spunk to more than make up for it. In August of 2023, Aaron and his mate bunny fell ill. Both lost the use of their back legs, and while Aaron pulled through with no other lasting effects, his elderly mate sadly passed away. After a long series of vet visits and care, Aaron has since received a clean bill of health aside from his hind leg lameness. Aaron was and is the snuggliest, friendliest bunny you'll meet. He is funny and stubborn - if he thinks you're not giving him enough attention or snacks, you'll get a series of increasingly firm nose boops until he's made his point. He loves to be petted, brushed, and smooched, and loves to dig tunnels and play hide-and-seek with his towel. He is a "people person bunny who has no trouble with lots of handling. Aaron misses his bunny bestie and is ready to love again. Aaron may be more likely to make friends with a female bunny with a strong personality to match his own energy, especially one who loves shared grooming (that's his favorite!). Aaron would love to go home with a family with older children, teens, or adults, but no young children. 



Date of Birth:

October 2018




Beveren / Mix



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