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Millie Maus & Sonny

Sponsored by Mary Hickey

Millie Maus

It’s hard to imagine a couple more devoted to each other! But gentle humans are let into their circle of affection as well, especially if you come bearing a carrot for Sonny or a hay treat for miss Millie Maus! At some point before she got to us Millie Maus broke an ankle bone and, while now completely healed, it fused that joint —- but it doesn’t slow her down a single bit. She loves to explore, and finding a spot to gaze out the window is a favorite pastime. Sonny looks for trusted humans to snuggle with and give kisses to  Their foster mom thinks they’re “the best buns you’ll ever meet”— how can you resist them?!?


Millie Maus


Date of Birth:

January 2018

January 2018





Lionhead Mix

Mixed Rex



Brown / Agouti

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