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Two brown bunnies looking very proper


Did you register for a Tune-Up Class?

Congratulations -- if you're a new rabbit owner, you're taking great steps toward being a very responsible one. If you're already familiar with rabbits, welcome back -- and we hope this class is helpful for you.


And if you've just adopted from RMHRR -- you already agreed to take this class -- so welcome!

Instructors will contact you the day before before your class with instructions on how to log-in and participate.

Below, we've listed the items you'll need to bring to class -- they are items every rabbit owner should own -- the essentials that every-bunny needs!


Please ensure you have them on-hand before class begins. If you have questions about these items, reach out to us at


  • A printed or digital (and editable) version of our Tune-Up form (located here)

  • Comb (not the gadgets with fine wire sticking out. (see photo for recommendation)

  • Nail clippers (for dogs, not cat clippers, and not the pocket clippers for people -- see photo for recommendation)

  • Styptic powder (can be obtained at Bunny Burrow, Petco, PetSmart, or online)

  • Aloe Vera Gel—no coloring or perfumes (a curved tip syringe is useful)

  • Q-tips
  • Pen light (not required, but useful)

  • Hard tipped non glass thermometer

  • Vaseline

Except for the Aloe Vera, Vaseline, and the Q-tips, these are available in our Bunny Burrow shop.  Please have all of them with you when you take the class.

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