Three cute Colorado rabbits


We are a Colorado-based non-profit organization that seeks loving homes for the house rabbits in our shelter, rescues house rabbits in need and supports current rabbit owners through our shop and our classes.


As a local chapter of the House Rabbit Society, we are dedicated to these goals and strive to educate the public about these often misunderstood companion animals.

A white bunny with brown spots loafed on the carpet
A black, lop-eared bunny eating parsley (or perhaps cilantro)
A white, lop-eared bunny looking at the camera
A small, white bunny enjoying the outdoors



RMHRR once again participated in the annual Colorado Gives Day event, and thanks to our generous supporters, over $21,000 was raised to help our bunnies!


100% of these donations will go straight to our programs, including getting our new shelter set up, providing medical care, food, and other necessities for the rabbits in our care, and continuing to educate and support local house rabbit parents.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who contributed to this important event - we couldn't do it without YOU!!!


Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) is a highly contagious disease that affects rabbits.


The virus will not affect people and other pets, but it is deadly to wild cottontails, other wild lagomorph species such as pikas, and our own domesticated rabbits. Prior to 2020, the virus was not known to affect North American wild lagomorph species and only showed up in isolated pockets of domestic rabbits, where it was quickly controlled.


However, in 2020, an outbreak began in the Southwest U.S. and quickly spread among both wild and domestic rabbits.


The disease is now endemic in Colorado. RMHRR highly recommends having your pet rabbits vaccinated for RHDV as well as practicing good biosecurity.


We've put together some resources to aid rabbit owners here.

A cottontail rabbit


The Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue is powered by a vibrant group of rabbit lovers, advocates, and members of our Colorado community.


It takes tremendous effort to achieve our goals, and our volunteers, adopters, and supporters are at the heart of our work.

There are many ways to get involved. See how you can help.

A white bunny in a cage looking very adorable


Learn about our adoption process. And then apply to adopt a rabbit — or maybe two!



Membership has many benefits — and also supports our rabbits.

A volunteer holding a white bunny with black spots and black ears. So cute!


You can make a difference in the lives of these rabbits. Learn how to volunteer.

A vector art image of a bunny


A vector art image of a bunny

We are 100% volunteer-based.


That means that every bit of your contribution goes directly to helping rabbits in need! 


We offer many classes and resources to the public at no cost while also covering the cost of care for the rabbits we look after.


Your donations help make this a possibility. Click the button below to provide an immediate donation via PayPal, or visit our Donate page to find out more


Many domestic house rabbits are abandoned, or escape from outdoor hutches which are inappropriate for house rabbits as a permanent accommodation.

If you think you've seen a stray house rabbit, please contact us immediately with the details below.

Not sure if the bunny you've seen is a house rabbit or a cottontail? Learn how to tell the difference.

A stray house rabbit in the bushes (don't worry -- she is rescued now!)


Between fundraising, adoptions, shelter events, sales at the Bunny Burrow gift shop, and our regular newsletter -- it's always hopping around here!


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